Yana was born in Prague in 1979.
First education.
Higher economic education
School of design and interior decoration in 2003-2005
School-painting studio of Anna Dakhno from 2007-2012
Second education.
Mykhailo Boichuk Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts and Design 2017
From 2005 has her own art studio.
Working – painting, interior decorator, passion for photography.

She graduated from the Design and Interior Decoration School at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts. Later she studied painting at Anna Dakhno’s teaching studio. Since 2005 she has been working in her own studio.
Yana works with painting as her preferred medium. She also frequently uses mixed techniques. Her main source of inspiration are people, as well as traveling that has been a vital part of her life since earliest childhood. In her art she explores delicate psychological modes, emotions and feelings. As a result, her works are dynamic, bold and expressive.
“… The artist lives with his eyes, he keeps everything in visual memory, sometimes it comes to that when I go out into the street, I see everything in shades, I immediately think how I would display it on canvas. I am very upset, if I cannot paint when I feel a rush of inspiration. I do not sob, of course, I leave the idea in my memory, and I return to it in time …
… I’m not imitating anyone. In fact, every artist wants to be unique. In my opinion, copying is insanely di cult. You do not know what the artist felt when he wrote a certain work. Plus, it’s a game of colors. The same Impressionists can not be copied. There’s a million colors and smears, like ngerprints. My unique- ness, probably, in emotions, colors, certain coloristics …
… In any way, I wouldn’t stop writing if my works was not bought. In case if you “buy”- pay for the pictures. And if the work “did not buy” emotionally, it would be worse. Then it would be worth considering whether this is my metier …
…When I paint, I think about love. How “tasty” the work looks. In abad mood, I do not work. The paints do not fall as I would like. There is an opinion that the artist should be sad and hungry, then his work gets better. This is partly true. Sadness is not a bad mood. Sadness is the focus on one’s thoughts. And the reason for sadness can be anything … “