Nature is an integral component of human life, a source of energy, strength and ideas. It was this very natural magic surrounding us that pushed me to create the project “Art Fusion”. In my works, I embodied a symbiosis of creativity of man, fashion and nature. The idea that I wanted to convey to society is that many fashion designers, creating their unique images for collections, draw inspiration from nature, but one of the key sources of ideas for designers is also painting, graphics and contemporary art. Contrasts, pure colors, abstract drawings, complex geometry, graphic lines, unusual elements become the basis for designer prints. Along with nature, fashion is greatly influenced by art, and these three phenomena cannot exist without each other. Designers are equally inspired by canvases of the Renaissance masters, and modern provocative artists. Such connections can become something amazing and give a new impetus to development. Immersed in the atmosphere of synergy of the three whales: nature, art and fashion, I have created a series of works dedicated to the beauty of the dress, which embodies the powerful female energy, nurtured and brought up by nature. When spectators look at my works, I wanted them to have a feeling as if the nature itself created the fashion images depicted on them. You can also notice that the girl’s character is blurred and not concretized, but that does not make it less important because it is the person who completes the symbiosis of painting, fashion, nature and creates a single sensual image in every fragment of the series of works “Art Fusion.”